Friday, June 09, 2006


This photograph of Ann Coulter on the back porch of her "safe house" begs the question: "Would one F-16 and two 500 pound bombs be enough to 'incapacitate' the Michael Moore of the Right?" We at Needtovent think not -- she's far too hardened in our opinion.

What do you think?

Before closing we do want to acknowledge a perverse sense of admiration for the "Mouth That Roared." You see, Needtovent holds in high regard anyone who is willing to "push the envelope," even if we vehemently disagree on the position being taken. So here's a KUDO for Cuntessa Coulter for putting back the "a" in audacity, the "a" in arrogance and both "a's" in aardwolf.

(For more on Ann Coulter we refer you to "Haughty Coulter" which was posted at Needtovent-movies.blogspot on December 12, 2005)


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