Thursday, May 25, 2006


USA TODAY described it best -- Gray vs. Anatomy.

Last night's American Idol finale saw the Soul Patrol triumph over McPheever. Approximately sixty-three million votes were cast, "more than any president in the history of our country has received" according to host Ryan Seacrest. Yes, 63 million votes, and it is a fair assumption that many of these were from rural America where one would assume Taylor Hicks held more appeal than the visually appealing, sultry, but almost souless, Katherine McPhee.

I'm reminded of the all-time best VARIETY headline which described the downturn in box office performance for films aimed at the nation's heartland. For years, films like MA AND PA KETTLE BACK ON THE FARM (starring Marjorie Main and Percy Kilbride) were hits from Bozeman to Birmingham, but slowly their attraction in the hinterlands diminished, ticket sales lagged and the genre was abandoned by Hollywood altogether. That famous headline read: "Stix Nix Hix Pixs," and I feared that Tuesday evening not enough rural voters would take the time to call in support of Mr. Hicks. Thankfully, they did.

Lynda's happy. I'm happy. And tonight Simon Fuller, one of the creators of AMERICAN IDOL, turns from lungs to legs. It is the season premiere of SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. I don't think Taylor should try out for this show -- reckless abandon notwithstanding...


At 6:33 PM, Anonymous mrn said...

was american idol on last night....oh, gosh darn....mrn

At 11:50 PM, Blogger larry o.j. said...

anyone not watching the NBA playoffs is missing some goldern excitement - and all centered around teams, or now team, from the Lone Star State.

I realize that NTV HQ's is deep in Spurs territory, so you may have moved on to baseball, not to mention american idol and lost and alias and whatever else was previously scripted by hollywood...but, I Dallas Mavs are making a serious, serious run at being invited to their first NBA Finals...especially after beating the phoenix suns deep in the heart of the desert tonight. Go Mavs!

And sorry to all you non-NBA fans who have nothing but summer re-runs and whatever else you're behind on TIVO.


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