Saturday, May 20, 2006


Many pundits had a negative reaction to what they would call THE DUH VINCI CODE. In a desire to provide our readers with some of these alternative viewpoints, Needtovent has selected several especially pithy comments from around the nation. To brighten things up a bit we have selected this photograph of Eva Herzigova taken at the Opening Night Gala & Premiere in Cannes to accompany all the negativity. We figured no one would mind. This is Part Two of our Da Vinci Trilogy.

"Bad enough to offend even an atheist." Chuck O'Leary

"You know a movie's a dud when even its self-flagellating albino killer monk isn't any fun." John Beifuss

"Way too long and duller than watching Da Vinci's paint dry." Edward Douglas

"This film is about as dull as street luge." Phil Villarreal

"If there's a flavor to describe director Ron Howard's all-too-faithful adaptation, it's vanilla." Bill Muller

"How can a film contain so many clues yet remain clueless?" Michael Phillips


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