Thursday, May 18, 2006


"And so faintly you come tapping, tapping at my chamber door." (Without a court-authorized warrant I might add...)

CIA nominee Air Force General Michael Hayden is seen here saluting his alter ego, Nazi SS Leader Heinrich Himmler. As you will recall, "Little Hinney" was responsible for the "Heinrich Maneuver" -- the eradication of over six million Jews during World War II. Of course, this all began innocently enough with the unrestrained and illegal surveillance of untold millions in the Mother Land.

General Hayden is credited with being the architect of our government's own on-going, illegal surveillance -- the warrantless wiretapping of millions of phones by the CIA right here in the US of A. You know what, I hope this fellow doesn't get the job...


At 1:45 AM, Blogger larry o.j. said...

I agree. this is all part of the prez's strategy to unilaterally decide what the government does, laws be damned. with this being election year, the repubs may actually vote this guy down.


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