Friday, February 15, 2008


The entire staff at Needtovent has long maintained that we are as "fair and balanced" as any media outlet, the cagey Canidae Vulpes Network included. This is accomplished in spite of some rather significant deviations from the Texas Hill Country norm. For example, we own two cars -- please note I said cars. Neither vehicle is a pick-up truck or an SUV. Just as importantly, neither car is a Saturn or a Buick -- astute readers will certainly understand the significance of that disclosure.

Having said all of this we must now turn our commentary to the latest "Bush Economic Stimulous/National Security Package." This one is for a whopping $1.4 billion and it is to be used to provide enhanced security along the nation's southern border as well as to aid the ailing economy of the country. There's only one problem...

The country targeted for this financial assistance isn't the United States -- it is Mexico.


Go figure -- what kind of imbecilic international commitment is this? Known as The Merida Initiative, you can check the deranged details at Michelle Malkin's website.

While Needtovent fully acknowledges that the eyes are by no means the only thing slanted when it comes to Michelle, this proposal is so idiotic we agree fully with the "other Coulter" -- the semi-foxy, semi-ethnic one.

We bet you'll agree, too.


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