Monday, January 09, 2006

GRAHAM CRACKERS -- What's In A Name?

Congratulations to Rice University.

The hiring of Todd Graham appears to be a terrific choice to lead the once-proud Owls football program back to respectability. It also appers Mr. Graham has assembled a young but highly-motivated and energetic group of assistants, capped by yesterday's announcement that former UT quarterback Major Applewhite will take over the role of Offensive Coordinator. I cannot help but believe that the Major will prove to be a phenomenal hire.

So, if Todd Graham and crew is anywhere near as successful as Wayne Graham is coaching the vaunted Owl baseball program, then "the little school that could" will become "the little school that will" -- WIN that is -- on the gridiron as well as on the diamond.

I wonder if there are any other coaches named Graham headed to Rice in the foreseeable future. In checking my various sources it doesn't appear that Nostradamus thinks so. Neither does my good friend (and Rice graduate) Graham Ulrich. Then again, THIS Graham lives in Crested Butte and so I doubt he even cares. After all, as I learned when I lived there myself, nothing below 7,000 feet matters.

Rootie toot toot...


At 7:43 AM, Anonymous mrn said...

robert, robert, robert.....come down from your rose bowl euphoria....todd graham is a loser....always has been and always will be, both in life (i know there are those who think that shouldn't be held against a person's career success measurement)and as a coach. If his past is any indication of his future, and usually is, it is just a matter time before he emplodes at rice the way he did at allen high school north of dallas and when he fled to west virginia with some of his high school players and a new wife...or perhaps just girl friend....four years teaching sophmore english there couds one memory. he was despised by the majority of the faculty for his "football only" mentality, ramrodded in several programs to benefit, exclusivly, his players, and because of the many programs he instituted (with the blessing of the administration, many former coaches themselves), forced the teachers of these "student-athletes" to perforem extra duty just to coddle his babies....not much different from college, eh?....come to think of it-maybe he'll be a success at rice....he can't do much worse....if the past is any indication, he's got a job for the next ten years....mrn...

At 9:34 AM, Blogger Air Freshener Recipient said...

Todd-Oh-Mighty mrn:

Thanks for the background information. Where can I find a picture of his wife/girlfriend? That will tell me a lot about his being a loser or a winner.

On a more serious note -- isn't it pathetic that in Texas, especially, high school administrators more often than not come from the coaching ranks? It's a "good ol' boy" network and one that is not in the best interests of a) student education or b) extracurricular (non-sporting) programs such as music, drama, etc. This was true when I was at Region IV back in 1980 and I guess it remains true today as well.


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