Monday, September 19, 2005


Robert Rodriguez is the Director of SIN CITY. The University of Texas is in SYCOPHANT CITY -- not Austin. How else can you explain Mr. Rodriguez being the recipient of the Outstanding Young Texas Ex Award when he never graduated? Yes, he attended classes as did Walter Cronkite (given every university accolade one can image even though he, too, never earned a sheepskin from the esteemed 40 Acres). Talk about grasping at straws in trying to acquire some semblance of "excellence" on behalf of the School of Communication. Reminds me of the time Ozzy Osbourne was in San Antonio and he pissed on the Alamo. Yes, Ozzie was once briefly in the area and he did leave a mark, so if you follow UT's reasoning I guess he should have been given the key to the city...


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At 7:33 AM, Anonymous Darren said...

What the hell is up with his head??? Did someone toss him under a lawnmover???


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