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Texas A&M Football Preview

It's that wonderful time of year again -- college football predictions are appearing everywhere, but for Longhorn fans it doesn't get much better than this -----

2009 Texas A&M Football Preview: State of The Union

Posted by Scipio Tex on August 27th, 2009 at

Forward, March, Hut, Two, Three, Four!

Aggie football players are a lot like the Aggie Corps of Cadets.

Some of them are the real thing and deserve your respect, but most play dress up for four years pretending to be something they’re not and end up selling insurance in Tomball.

Witness the perfect illustration of my point. West Point. While A&M’s football team struggled to a 21-17 victory against an Army team that lost by 18 to New Hampshire, the Corps struggled to bond with the men whose pajamas they wear at night:

corps turd: Howdy, fellow comrade-in-arms! Let’s clasp forearms in the time-honored tradition of the warrior and speak of Yorktown, Inchon, and Normandy. Whoop!

West Point Cadet: Pleased to meet another soldier. We might run into each other after school. I’m in Afghanistan after I complete Ranger training. Where are you posted after graduation?

corps turd: Managing my Daddy’s feed store in Atascocita!

West Point Cadet: (stares with contempt) …..

corps turd: (feelings hurt) Hey, I’m Ol Army! Look at my medals! You don’t got hardly any, you New York asshole!

Of course, there are differences between A&M football and the corps. One group comprises athletes and the other spent most of their high school life dangling from a locker hook. But Sherman has been working hard on the recruiting trail to alleviate that...

The entire Staff at Needtovent wants to thank Larry Jefferson for bringing to our attention.

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Hook 'em!


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