Tuesday, July 03, 2007


"I guess you all know by now a judge has turned down Scooter Libby's request to delay his prison term. In fact, the judge gave him an extra three months just for having the stupid name 'Scooter.'" Jay Leno

Enter his Majesty, President Bush.

Yes, Scooter's pooper has been spared 30 months of slammin' in the slammer thanks to his sentence being commuted yesterday. It's not so much that he broke the law initially, in fact most would argue he did not. But ol' Scooter decided to lie about his activities anyway and was found guilty of lying to the FBI, lying to a Grand Jury and for obstruction of justice. How dumb was that? (I shouldn't ask...)

In any event, I. Lewis Libby will now be able to bend over without hesitation. Perhaps the biggest loser isn't potential cell mate Bruno, but the stock price of Johnson & Johnson, makers of K-Y Jelly.

I'm pissed.

Why, for example, hasn't Bush pardoned Border Patrol Agents Campion and Ramos, now serving, respectively, eleven and twelve years in federal prison for simply doing their job, i.e. shooting a known Mexican drug smuggler who was fleeing his van containing 743 pounds of marijuana? The damn drug dealer gets immunity and the Border Patrol Agents get the shaft. What kind of justice is this???

I asked the question.

I found the answer.

Apparently Bush is no longer the President of the United States, he's become El Presidente of Mexico...


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