Monday, July 02, 2007


While watching a drag racing event on ESPN the other day I noticed a sign in the stands that read, "John Force For President." The more I thought about this, the more I got excited. Given the plethora of pathetic, profiteering presidential candidates currently in the running, I honestly believe John Force would be a better choice. If nothing else, at least he makes public the identity of all the big-money sponsors that help fund his funny car operation.

For those of you who don't follow this sport, there's nothing "funny" about the car he drives. A standing quarter mile in under 4.79 seconds. From zero to 323.8 mph in a quarter mile. This requires skill and money, plenty of money. And right there for one and all to see are the names and the logos of John Force's financial supporters.

This takes me to the Bush-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill that came far too close to passing in the Senate. Talk about strange bedfellows. Ann Coulter and Rosie O'Donnell as lesbian lovers comes close, but even this "odd couple" seems more likely than George W. Bush and Ted Kennedy banding together as brothers on the issue of illegeal aliens and open borders. Yes, I said "open borders" since neither has shown any compunction in their lack of support to encourage the enforcement of existing immigration laws or defending U.S. sovereignty. "We the people" be damned when it comes to some nice bucks being proffered by well-to-do special interest groups and corporate commissars. Our idealized notion of government doesn't rule, greed does.

"Follow the money." Without question, virtually every current politician (whether it be the President, the Vice President, Cabinet Members, Senators and Congressman) has become the lackey of big business, powerful lobbies and the attendant bribery that pays them to act in accordance with the wishes of these Big Brother Benefactors.

Clearly the "Bush-Kennedy Comprehensive Immigration Reform Bill" was a misnomer. It should have been called what it really was -- the "Wal-Mart-KB Homes-Sunkist Amnesty Bill."

Like John Force's Funny Car, every "funny" piece of legislation that is introduced should be named after the money behind it, whether the topic is Health Care (think the "Merck-Cigna-Abbott Labs-Kaiser Permamente Pay Through The Ass Suppository Bill") or Energy (think the "Exxon-House of Saudi-NYSE Collusion Is Cool Bill") or Defense (think the "Northrup Grumman-General Dynamics-Halliburton Shock And Awe Bill").

Whether one lives in Crawford or Chappaquiddick, a red state or a blue state or even in a state of denial, it is time for full disclosure of the real sponsors behind every piece of proposed legislation at all levels of government -- federal, state and local. This is something I believe even Rosie and Ann could agree upon. May the Force be with us...


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