Thursday, April 13, 2006


As you know, there are hundreds of internet sites which review motion pictures. Clearly there are just as many film reviewers as there are filmmakers, maybe even more. Therefore, I am thrilled to announce that the highly respected, but little-known Washington, D.C. think tank -- Popcorners For A Liberated America -- has recently selected the "NEEDTOVENT" empire (website and blog) as the single most informative and influential disseminator of cinematic babble proffered on the world wide web. This is an amazing honor and tribute to the entire needtovent staff. In fact, this notable acclaim from the nation's capitol not only made us dizzy with delight, we have vowed to continue to celebrate by remaining celibate; the only holes we are currently exploring are of the sprocket variety. (Except for an occasional Friday)

There is but one other truly unique and worthy website devoted to the art of filmmaking, "Swimming To Casablanca," and it is created by friend and fellow Crested Butte alumnus, Ed Hoch. Ed has two stated passions -- film and swimming -- and he does a remarkable job of joining the two at WWW.GUAVAMATION.COM/S2C.

Here you will find a comprehensive listing of all 7,000+ movies Ed has seen since 1978. Each is rated using a unique system based on swimming-related terms and endorphins. Yes, I said endorphins. Unusual? You bet. Cool? Definitely. Go to the website and you will see for yourself that this trenchant terminology not only intrigues, but it makes sense -- especially after a Margarita or two.

The best part of Ed's website are his "Sprint Reviews." These crisply written, personal commentaries are fun to read, disarmingly insightful and marvelously short. Do yourself a favor and check them out...


At 5:01 AM, Anonymous Darren said...

Congratulations on your prestigious award. When does your fishnet leg lamp arrive?

At 7:54 AM, Anonymous mrn said...

i like to think it's the great haiku reviews that got their attention....they alone are deserving of recognition....mrn

At 11:19 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

good stuff


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