Tuesday, April 04, 2006


Succumbing to scandal, former Majority Leader Tom Delay has said he will resign from Congress. To my way of thinking this is a good thing. You see, I absolutely hate "DELAYS" of any kind, be they in the emergency room, at the airport, inside the depressing walls of the DMV office or on the streets of Paradise (Lost) here in once-bucolic Bulverde.

Yes, I hate DELAYS of any kind and anywhere -- especially in the nation's capitol where little Tommy's hand got caught in the cookie jar. Adios Tom-Tom...

As a side note I must report that President Bush quickly stated that the Republican Party won't suffer from DeLay's decision to resign. "My own judgement is that our party will continue to succeed because we are a party of ideas."

Here's a hint Mr. President: You're party will have a better chance to "succeed" if you were to come up with GOOD ideas for a change...


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