Tuesday, February 07, 2006


"We picked the wrong play! We picked the wrong director! We picked the wrong actors! Where did we go right?"

For Mel Brooks and his glorious gang the answer is he went "right" EVERYWHERE. Whether it is the original 1968 version of THE PRODUCERS or the latest incarnation which was released in December and is still playing in selected theaters worldwide, this comic romp is as hilarious as anything ever put on the motion picture screen. It is inspired lunacy -- and the signature song, "Springtime for Hitler and Germany," is the all-time looney tune. I know I will be humming this devilish Deutschland ditty for weeks to come.

Be sure to watch all of the closing credits in this current version; there's a gaggle of golden nuggets to savor including the voice of Mr. Brooks whispering softly this little pronouncement as the credits come to a close: "MEIN KAMPF is now available in paperback at both Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com."

Hey, it is the only book George W. Bush has actually read cover-to-cover. Why not pick up a copy and gain some insight?


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