Thursday, August 23, 2007


Last night the Fox Television Network premiered a new scripted/reality hybrid series that asks the question: "Would you trust a bikini model to deliver the news?"

Dumb question. Just take a look at the photo and you will see what "fair" and "balanced" really means.

Lauren Jones plays herself as the breathtakingly beautiful and buxom bimbo who is hired by a Tyler, Texas TV station to increase ratings. A former "Barker Beauty" on THE PRICE IS RIGHT and a featured WWE Diva, Ms. Jones is the hottest thing on the boob tube since Pamela Lee Anderson. Guys -- if you are looking for a high-def hard-on, ANCHORWOMAN is the place to be.

Virtually the entire cast is comprised of the actual KYTX-TV news staff whose reaction to the hiring of Lauren is mixed at best. This includes, of course, Stormy the Weather Dog whose wardrobe helps deliver the forecast. Stormy and staff are remarkably solid in their on-camera performances and the cinema verite style of Director Mark S. Jacobs adds an air of credibility to the proceedings.

During the thirty days of production this broadcast news stunt resulted in six half-hour episodes, with the first two airing back-to-back.

You might ask, "What's next?" So far there has been no word whether ANCHORWOMAN will be renewed. If not, I do have a suggestion. How about going one step farther and replacing Greta Van Susteren with Penny Pittman?


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