Friday, January 12, 2007


Out of the million or more websites presently vying for your attention I can think of only one that would be frequented by Nick and Nora Charles.

Welcome to WWW.FLYINGCRACKER.COM the "Dangerously Informative" internet source for top-shelf cocktail recipes from Master Mixologist, Graham Ullrich.

Where else can one go to find an article about "sabering" champagne, much less be introduced to a tasty elixir which will protect you from scurvy? In the search for the latest libation legacy there are more fruits squeezed in the Ullrich kitchen in Crested Butte than at Greenwich Village's famous Stonewall Inn. And it isn't only scurvy that you would be avoiding if you confined yourself to Graham's Ginger Margarita.

As some of you know I once lived in beautiful Crested Butte and it was there that I learned nothing below 8,000 feet in elevation matters. That was certainly true geologically and I believe it is also true if you simply stay high on some of the finer things in life -- like a perfect Martini.

WWW.FLYINGCRACKER.COM also brings you local weather, news and a variety of other interesting tidbits. There's even something for Asta...


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